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Eon Organics is engaged in cultivation, exports, wholesale and distribution of processed agricultural products, herbs, essential oils, home/personal care products and accessories.

It also offers blended oils with diffusers for therapeutic and aromatic use, handmade boutique aromatic candles, organic car and washroom fragrances & packaged agricultural products – the raw produce of which is carefully cultivated and processed from it’s captive farms.


Eon’s retail products are aesthetically hand crafted for usage pleasure with a sensitive touch that connects us to the rich cultural roots of Indian organics, elements of Indian artistic heritage and ayurveda and designed to remain with you over time as a rare sensational experience etched in memory.

Eon also believes that the beloved and the divine are often interchangeable so as a consequence, emotions dwelling on them are often overlapping but believing that’s the beauty of life and hoping these candles make most of that easy to comprehend – Touch – Smell – Burn – Feel and write back your experience to organicseon@gmail.com.


From the procurement of raw materials to the finished result, every Eon Organics product goes through a stringent, Earth-friendly, quality control process to ensure there is no trace of synthetic and harmful ingredients. The products are manufactured and the process that takes place at our factory is strictly regulated to offer uncompromising quality.


Eon Organics supports the principles of Ayurveda. Doing one’s part to keep our planet clean for future generations is a big part of that.

We work with communities that gather many of our ingredients sustainably from the wild — the ultimate in organic production. None of our products are tested on animals, ever. Highly concentrated essential oils are used properly, they can be both environmentally sustainable and economical. A little goes a long, long way! Lower dilutions are not only economical but safer for the skin, too.

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