Aesthetically pleasing range of Electric Diffusers from Eon. Ideal for office or home these diffusers can immediately transform your workspace or resting place into a more inviting and cheerful haven. Add to it the goodness of your favorite essential oil and fragrance oil and soak into the stress-relieving benefits of aromatherapy.
Electric diffusers are primarily used to heat essential oil, fragrance oil or wax melts with the help of an electric bulb which evaporates the oil and disperses it in the room thus filling the room with an inviting aroma. The addition of water along with the oil actually helps in dispersing the molecules more easily.
These elegant pieces of ceramic diffusers from Eon have an excellent glossy finish which can only enhance your home décor requirements. Can even double up as a night lamp.

Choose from our range of blended essential oils to get a therapeutic benefit along with aromatherapy. Or you have the choice of any of the single essential oils or fragrance oils. Available as a set with your choice of one oil.

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