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The Song:

Sokhi bhabona kahare bole, Sokhi jatona kahare bole..

Tomra je bolo dibosho rojoni.. bhalobasha bhalobasha

Sokhi bhalobasha kare koy

The Translation:

What do you mean by thought my dear, What is pain too my dear

Day and night you utter love and love

What does love mean my dear...Is it all full of pain?

The fervor, the zeal, and the intensity in love have given birth to many celebrated love stories. Eon’s Ardour candles celebrate this emotion in every sphere of life.  Dynamic and restful this lavender-scented candle will lighten up any corner of your room spreading cheer, reducing anxiety, and providing mental alertness. These aesthetically packed candles can be used as home décor or as gift options.

Eon candles are:
– hand-poured in India

– made with a healthier alternative of soy wax blend to make it non-toxic and 100% vegan



– Lavender

Available in
– 250 gms glass jar (Burning Time -35 hrs)

Weight 1 kg

150, 250


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