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Extracted from the flower and buds of white flowers of Chamomile this blue-colored oil is an excellent oil to treat skin disorders.  The primary components include flavonoids, coumarins, polyacetylenes, and sesquiterpenes. This mixture of compounds gives its antimicrobial properties.


100% pure oil steam distilled from the flowers of Chamomilla recutita.


  • SKINCARE – This oil, when topically applied, penetrates the layers of the skin and provides anti-inflammatory benefits. It restores irritated skin, mouth ulcers, bruises, and other skin conditions. It can provide a total skincare package as it takes care of a variety of skin issues.
  • ANTI-SPASMODIC- This property helps in easing menstrual cramps and relieving abdominal pain.
  • SLEEP AID- Chamomile tea is well known for its sedative effects but the essential oil of chamomile can also help relieve feelings of stress or anxiety. Diffuse the oil around the home and the office to calm your nerves and help you relaxDiffusing the oil near your bed through the night may also help you get a better night of sleep and naturally treat sleep issues like insomnia.

Apply :

  • Use in your moisturizer or your body scrub for a boost of moisture to dry skin.
  • Use few drops in a diffuser for relaxation and calmness of mind.

Cautions :

For external use only. Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep away from children. To be used with caution for pregnant and lactating women. Our oils are pure and come in concentrated form so always dilute with carrier oil or water before use. Consult an essential oil reference source.

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