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The unopened pink flower buds from the clove tree are steam-distilled to produce clove essential oil. The tiny bud contains potent medicinal properties but the most widely used is its chemical component eugenol.  Found in most toothpaste eugenol works wonders in reducing tooth pain and improving gum health. Other benefits of clove essential oil are extensive, from helping with tobacco addictions and fighting fungal infections to reducing inflammation and supporting gum health.


100% pure oil steam distilled oil from the buds of Eugenia caryophyllata.


  • ORAL CARE- Clove oil is most popularly known for oral care. Clove oil also creates a numbing sensation as a potent pain reliever for gum and tooth pain.
  • ANTIMICROBIAL- The antimicrobial property of clove oil has been tested to be as effective or even more than any antibiotics. Compared to other essential oils also clove oil has been found to be more effective in combating fungi and bacteria.
  • ANTI-INFLAMMATORY- Clove has proven anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties making it an absolute necessity for managing chronic muscle pain or arthritis. The eugenol component in clove can help relieve chronic pain that may come from injury or joint pain.


  • Add clove oil to your oral care products.
  • Can be applied with a carrier oil to treat fungal or yeast infection.
  • Apply topically for toothache or massaged for body pain and aches.

Cautions :

For external use only. Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep away from children. To be used with caution for pregnant and lactating women. Our oils are pure and come in concentrated form so always dilute with carrier oil or water before use. Consult an essential oil reference source.


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