Floating Candles



Eon’s beautiful set of floating candles adds a touch of festivity to any room or surrounding. Handcrafted in beautiful colors these candles light up a dull room any time of the year.  Any water body like pools, vases, bowls, dishes, martini glasses, fountains, bathtubs, hot tubs, and lakes can be lighted up and instantly change the setting. That special romantic occasion can be made more memorable when you place a bowl full of floating flowers on your bedside table. Gift it to the birthday girl or anniversary couple and see their face brighten up immediately. Using floating candles in vases to create a unique fire pit feeling for guests looks amazing and warm. Very affordable these candles can fit into any budget.

Burning Instructions:

  • Carefully drop the candles one by one so as not to wet the wick.
  • Burning Time -3 hrs
Weight .72 kg


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