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Steam distilled from the aromatic flowers of the evergreen shrub Lavendula angustifolia,  Lavender oil is widely used for aromatherapy. It’s known for aiding in skin and hair care and is natural sleep-inducing oil. It’s also used for its aromatherapy and bug repelling properties.


100% Pure oil steam distilled from the stem and flowers of Lavandula angustifolia


  • SKIN AND HAIR CARE- Owing to its anti-inflammatory properties it gives relief from skin flare-ups and gives soft supple skin. Managing dandruff and aiding in hair growth is another known property of lavender oil.
  • AROMATHERAPY- The most popular oil known to relieve stress is widely used in diffusers and candles to reduce anxiety. Also known to help calm preoperative patients.
  • NATURAL BUG REPELLENT- The strong smell naturally keeps bugs and moths at bay.
  • AIDS IN INSOMNIA- Sleep-inducing properties and soothing the nervous system is some of the most well-known benefits of lavender oil.


  •  Dilute with a carrier oil and use it on hair and skin for a healthy glow and dandruff-free hair.
  • Add few drops in a diffuser for a fresh-smelling room in addition to relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Pour few drops in a cotton ball and keep them in the cupboard to naturally keep away bugs and moths.
  • Add one drop on the pillow cover or use a diffuser to aid in a good night’s sleep.


For external use only. Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep away from children. To be used with caution for pregnant and lactating women. Our oils are pure and come in concentrated form so always dilute with carrier oil or water before use. Consult an essential oil reference guide.


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