Patchouli oil


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 This musky, sensuous, and earthy scented oil have been used extensively for long in aromatherapy and medicinal uses owing to its sedative yet stimulating properties. This oil is derived from the leaves of the highly-valued Patchouli plant, which belongs to a family of other well-known aromatic plants, including Lavender, Mint, and Sage.


100% Pure oil steam distilled from leaves of Pogostemon cablin


  • SKIN CARE-Patchouli oil was traditionally used in some Asian cultures for its benefits for the skin. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties can protect our skin against rashes and other conditions. Its anti-aging and antioxidant properties are used by manufacturers of creams and lotions.
  • AROMATHERAPY-Patchouli oil is commonly used in aromatherapy because of itsantidepressant  Because of the impact that inhaling patchouli oil has on our hormones, it encourages the release of serotonin and dopamine; these hormones ease feelings of anger, anxiety, and anxiousness.



  • Add 2-3 drops to carrier oil and massage skin and hair to hydrate and nourish.
  • Use a diffuser to uplift mood and reduce anxiety.

Cautions :

For external use only. Do not expose to direct sunlight and keep away from children. To be used with caution for pregnant and lactating women. Our oils are pure and come in concentrated form so always dilute with carrier oil or water before use. Consult an essential oil reference source.



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